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Button Face is the size of your button or magnet across the center. Bleed Area is the extra background that will wrap around to the back of the button or magnet and into the crimp. You must have an extra .25" of extra background color or image all the way around your design.

Artwork w/ Bleed


Button Face





    1. Start your workspace at 300 dpi and save it at 300 dpi. (dpi=dots per inch or pixels per inch)
    2. Size your artwork with a 1/4" of bleed. Examples: for a 2.25" round artwork should be 2.75" x 2.75" and for a 2" x 2" square artwork should be 2.5" x 2.5".
    3. Do not "crowd" the edge of the button or magnet and keep everything you want on the face a little away from the edge. Make sure you DO NOT leave the die lines visible on your artwork before sending your file.
    4. Monitor colors do not represent print colors and all printers do not print the same. We recommend when you are designing your artwork that you set your color mode to CMYK instead of RGB.  This will give you a better representation of the final colors on your monitor. If your project is color sensitive please provide PMS numbers for the colors you want and request a PMS match. PMS matches are $20 per color. We do not offer any refunds for color discrepancies unless you have paid for a color match.
    5. Print the file you are going to send us before you submit it to make sure you are happy with the quality. Be sure you print at actual size with no scaling option selected.
    6. If you submit a Word, Publisher, or Power Point file you will be charged a $10 fee for us to convert it to an image file and proof you. These files do not let us know when a font substitution has occurred, which is why we require a proof as your design may change when we open it. To avoid this simply save or export your file as a PDF and submit the PDF file.
    7. REQUEST a proof if you are not certain that your artwork is perfect and print ready.  There is a $10 fee to receive a proof prior to production, but this $10 fee also includes one of our professional graphic designers will review your artwork for image quality, sizing, positioning and appropriate bleed. If you choose not to go through our proofing process, keep in mind that no "real" person will review your artwork before printing and we do not offer refunds for any artwork issues like image quality, poor placement, lack of bleed, or wrong size of image on the button face.


    Click on the appropriate file and when it asks you if you want to OPEN or SAVE click SAVE. Save the file to your My Documents folder. Then open up your software program and open the file. This way the layers will be maintained.

    If you use one of these templates you will not need to approve a proof prior to production. If you prefer getting a digital proof prior to production, you can request one for $10. We do recommend that you print your file prior to submitting to make sure you are happy with the quality. Keep in mind that monitor colors do not represent print colors and all printers do not print the same. If you require a specific color, request a PMS match - $20 per color. We do not offer refunds due to color discrepancies unless you have paid for a PMS match.

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